All my life, I've loved to create. Whether it was drawing, painting, sculpting, chainmaille. I've always had a soft spot for photography. Capturing moments, being able to look at an image, and remember what was going on and how I felt. Bringing joy to others who have looked at the photos I've taken. This is my pride.

Now you are probably wondering, why Courage Dream Smile Photography for a business name. Well, years ago, there was a time when these little rings that would hang on chains on the necks of almost anyone I knew. These rings would come with any word you could imagine. Most people chose Life Love Dream. Me? I chose Courage, the courage to be able to step out on my own at 17, Dream, to dream of the impossible, to follow them and Smile, because you never know who's life you will change with it.

As for my logo image, it has everything about this beautiful dog. He changed my world. Not a moment I regret rescuing and raising him. My only regret is the lack of pictures I have of him. This is Nevayo, we found each other when he was just over 4 weeks old. We had just over 9 wonderful years together. He made friends with everyone and if you got that one good scratch spot he would give you the biggest smile. When trying to decide on my logo, I couldn't find a more fitting figure.

There really is not any limits to my photography! So far, I've been diving head first in Pets & People Photography and enjoying every minute of it! But contact me with your ideas and let us make the magic happen!